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Welcome to Howick Village Denture Studio

We are a boutique Clinical Dental Laboratory/Denture Clinic that offers high quality, aesthetically pleasing full dentures, partial dentures, 3D Laser Printed Vitallium dentures, implant retained dentures, and one day services, denture repairs and relines. We also offer SuperGold Card specials.

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Whether you’re seeking information about dentures for a loved one or for yourself, it’s important that you know the facts.

We've compiled some basic facts about dentures and how to look after them.

  • Merlyn
    It was 21 years ago that I had my teeth removed having been very ill with mercury poisoning. My health rapidly improved but the immediate dentures were a very painful ongoing experience. When my gums had healed I invested in a new set of dentures and this enabled me to eat soft food a little more comfortably, though the grip on the back teeth had been ground down and this did not enable me to chew. A few more years went by and I still could not eat anything that demanded chewing so a third set of dentures were made with normal shaped teeth. Now I had no excuse for not eating healthy food, but I was still embarrassed eating in the company of other people as my gums caused me a lot of pain so I used my front teeth only or ate on the least painful side of my mouth. One day I was reading the local newspaper when my eyes fixed on a large advertisement from a dental technician who made soft linings. What was this? An answer to a maiden’s prayer? It sounded too good to be true. No, Leah, of pdpdentures studio was an angel in disguise relining my lower denture with a soft lining allowing me to eat a piece meat and other normal healthy food. Gradually the pain has healed and now after 21 years I have found I can even eat a raw apple and not only that, I can talk confidently and smile readily without a painful mouth. This to me has been the icing on the cake! Not only has the mercury removal given me a life free from excruciating head-pain, but the soft lining has given me a mouth free from denture pain. Well done Leah and thank you for all your encouragement and happy smiling face.  
  • LB
    Amazing, brilliant, incredible!… People think I have had a facelift!
  • Cheryl Andrews (Taranaki)
    In October 2014 I had a top denture made by Leah Taylor at PDP Denture Studio, Auckland. From Receptionist to Leah the attention and care I received throughout the process was outstanding.   Leah was prompt with communication, explained the procedure clearly, an excellent listener, friendly and meticulious. Leah provided me with a quality million dollar smile using an Ivocap denture. I would have no hesitation recommending Leah at PDP Denture Studio to anyone.  
    Cheryl Andrews (Taranaki)
  • Bob Cairns
    Had a fear of having new dentures made for about 25 years. I have struggled with ulcers and discomfort for many a year. To my amazement my new dentures fit like a glove. The before and after pictures were a real rude awakening. Leah and her staff were total professionals, also their friendliness and keeping me in the loop with what was happening with my dentures was great.  
    Bob Cairns
  • Syd Young

    My wife, for some time, had trouble with her lower dentures – Leah and her team carefully measured and crafted a replacement to Georgina’s satisfaction and within budget.

    Many thanks

    Syd Young
  • June (Auckland)

    A big thank you to you for making it so easy for me to get new dentures.

    As an 86 year old, on a walker, the thought of arranging transport etc. made me put off making appointments etc. However, I saw an advertisement about the home visit service you offered and a broken tooth made me take action.

    The whole procedure of taking impressions, fitting, was stress free and I am thrilled with my new dentures.  I really appreciated your visits to me – no organising and waiting for taxis and what I thought would be an ordeal turned out to be a relaxing experience.

    June (Auckland)