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Broken your dentures???

No need to worry… we can help.

At Howick Village Denture Studio we offer a same day repair service.

Whether you have chipped a tooth, need a tooth added to your existing denture or have broken your denture in half… we can fix it.


Dentures usually need to be altered from time to time. That’s because the gums and bone supporting the dentures change over time. Relining and rebasing are ways to adjust your dentures so they fit more securely. Rebasing involves making an entirely new denture base. Relining modifies the existing base. In both procedures, the teeth that are in your denture are not changed.


Relining involves putting a new surface on the part of the denture that fits against your gums. After teeth are extracted, the bone that once held your teeth shrinks. This process is called bone resorption. It is common to discover that dentures no longer fit properly as the resorption continues. If the denture is otherwise in good shape, your Clinician may recommend a reline. A reline appointment takes about 30 to 60 minutes.

There are two types of relines, soft and hard. Each uses different materials. The material for soft relines remains somewhat flexible. If you pressed the material with your fingernail, you would see an impression. Resin used for hard relines does not have this flexibility. At Howick Village Denture Studio we can usually offer a same day service for relining dentures.


Rebasing is less common than relining. It involves replacing the entire base of the denture, but keeping the teeth. The process is more complex than relining. You will be without your dentures for a period of time. This could be one day or several days.

Which One Is Right for You?

Your Clinical Dental Technician will evaluate your situation and discuss a possible treatment plan.